My Obsession

My Obsession:
Big Bang’s Leader G-Dragon:)

G-Dragon’s Info:
Name: Kwon Ji-Yong
Birthday: Aug. 18, 1988

I found out that I’m to obsess with GD. I found myself staying up all night watching videos of GD and Big Bang.  ahahha That’s when i realized that I’m super crazy about him. But really who can resist this indescribably amazing Guy GD???/ I’m for sure I can’t.

Also he looks so HOT/SEXY when he smashed that Guitar in their “Tonight” performance. He’s an genius; he wrote the song. And i have to say its a awesome song. no one can pull it off like BIG BANG. If you haven’t heard it: Here since i’m so nice.. hheheh I have it here:)
BIGBANG – TONIGHT M/V (Original Version)

Also here is the performance that i thought was the hottest. GD face looks so amazing hehe:)

Big Bang – Tonight [Big Bang TV Live]
It starts around 2:40

what do you guys think??

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